Joe is a vet turned sculptor from the Cotswolds with a passion for exploring the beauty of the natural world through sculpture. He works with a range of media including found and re-shaped natural materials, bronze, lead and stone.

Most recently Joe has been working with ancient French vine plants, which are carved to explore and accentuate their natural shapes and textures before being finished with bronze resin. The provenance of each of these works links back to the vineyard and year of origin of the vine at the heart of the sculpture.


Although not formally trained, Joe comes from a long family of tradition of artists, including his great grandmother, wood engraver Gwen Raverat, and his grandmother Sophie Gurney and mother, Emily Pryor, who were both well-respected painters. Joe’s most illustrious ancestor however is undoubtedly his great, great, great grandfather Charles Darwin, whose influence is evident in Joe’s work exploring the endless variety of natural forms produced by evolution.

Before turning to sculpture full-time, Joe’s career as a TV vet ran from starring in the BBC 1 series Vets in Practice to roles as the resident vet on The One Show on BBC 1 and ITV This Morning.